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Sonia Navarro

Puerto Lumbreras (SP), 1975

Sonia Navarro learned sewing and tailoring from her grandmothers, before getting a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and an MFA in Photography.


She has been the recipient of several awards and scholarships such as Murcia Joven 2000 Fellowship Award and The visual Arts and Photography award by the Ministry of Culture.

She has shown individually at local and international galleries, such as T20 ( Murcia), Mas Art, ( Barcelona) Ad Hoc (Vigo), Ybakatu, (Curitiba, Brazil) and Galería Pedro Oliveira (Oporto, Portugal); also at  the Cité de Paris (France).


She has worked in specific projects for Manifesta 08; Open Studio Madrid; Puntos en común, CCE Guatemala; Estirar las costuras, Fundación Cerezales Antonino y Cinia, León; and Tirar del Hilo, La Mar de Músicas, Cartagena.

For over a decade, through different media, such as sculpture, installation, photography and drawing, Navarro has been creating works that challenge and confront the mechanisms of power and their institutions, especially those that have contributed to the establishment of a hierarchy amongst genres, relating women with housework and the impossibility of mobility, reflecting on the constant struggle of women against established social conventions.

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