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William Gaber

Mérida, México, 1968


William Gaber is a contemporary artist based in Madrid, Spain.


His education as an artist started very young, William has worked with several teachers and in recent years he attended the Royal College of Art in London, UK. and has enrolled in different schools in Madrid.

From an early age William Gaber has never stopped creating art, using different techniques such as drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, digital art, and installation. His themes are always related with architecture, the ability to adapt, migration, and human behavior.  His work has evolved to create conceptual pieces that represent a current generation, self aware, conscious,  and with a keen sense of humor and aesthetics.

Solo Exhibitions:

Sep - Oct 2017. “La maqueta humana” Galería Casa Gotxicoa, Monterrey, México.

Ene - Feb 2019. “En la Mirada del Observador” Fundación Pons, Madrid, España

Sep – Oct 2019 “Sacred Places – Galería del Sol Miami ,Florida.

Group Exhibitions:
Aug 2017. RCA Londres, Inglaterra
Oct 2018 Museo Vostell Malpartida (In collaboration with JM Ciria), Malpartida de Cáceres, Spain
Oct 2018 Galería Pandea Cartesiano, Puebla México
May 2017 Subasta: Arte Vivo, Yucatán, México
Sep 2017 Subasta Fundación IBBY, Ciudad de México.

Sep 2019 Espacio Mannach Ciudad de México

Nov 2019 Feria de Arte MID ART, Yucatán México (Galería Terreno Baldío – CDMX)

Dec 2019 Feria AQUA ART MIAMI, Miami Florida (Rubber Stamp Art Projetcs, Miami)

Dec 2019 Galería del Sol, Miami Florida

Junio 2020, “Corriente Alterna / Corriente Continua” Galería Nueva. Madrid, ES.


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